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Cosby Shaming

As someone who believes very strongly that people are innocent until proving guilty there are complications at times. The accusations against Bill Cosby right now are a prime example of this - his management team have come out guns blazing to defend him. Understand, it is their job and perhaps they like the guy too. In doing so they actually go against the idea that he's innocent until anyone proves otherwise though - he's not even been charged with anything at the time of writing.

Scottish Indepenence

As an Englishman tomorrow's referendum on Scottish independence is interesting and possibly a huge change within my lifetime, but also one I'm not really allowed a decision in. Which isn't entirely true and also isn't actually something I can get upset about even if it was. You see, this referendum was a campaign issue at the last General Election, so I had the option of voting for or against a government that would support the referendum, meaning I haven't been excluded.

September 17th


It's National Camera Day!

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December 25th

Well, as is the way with the best plans they change. Christmas is here and your song for the day is delayed until next year. Because last night my friend Jen decided to release a rather ideal Christmas Eve song - but I missed that window so you get it today instead. I love when I get to share stuff like this! Anyway, short and sweet as there's much to do today! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I give to you, A Christmas Lullaby as performed by Alexander Rudd. (And yes that was recorded in someone's home yesterday.)

To next year!

December 24th

Yep, it's Christmas Eve and across Northern Europe many people are ready to share their gifts tonight. I still don't really grasp that whole thing but it's oddly common so we'll embrace the fact with a Europop version of a classic for the day. Yep, we've got Cascada's soft tones with only a gentle popification of the melody as we sing the one, the only "Christmas Song" - so roast your chestnuts and dress like an eskimo, the big day will be upon us soon!


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