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Don't look now, it's him!

Kevin, now of an age somewhere between 25 and 100, lives in a world of his own - but can frequently be found making Essex look untidy. Much to the bafflement of those nearby, that world is slowly leaking out.

The third person thing? It makes me look snazzier don't you think? I even went for the whole "no need for a surname" thing so you think I'm really important. And admit it, you didn't need my surname did you? Granted most people reading this will know me, but more than that my surname makes next to no difference to the lives of most people, so I can drop it and pretend I am cool.

If you've read this far and still don't know who I am, but want to... you're possibly a bit strange, but then again so are the people who have read this far and do know who I am so I won't hold it against you.

I am in various degrees depending on my mood; a geek, a writer, a photographer, an opinionated fool, a critic, a quiet chap sitting in the corner (an activity which I find makes very little difference to my religion), and probably more than that.

Find your happy place, if it's anywhere here, I'm glad.

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